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Why taking audacious action creates success

Taking audacious action is more than just making steps to start. It is in effect, taking a gigantic, bold, risky step and doing this now!

In life, you have to take risks, otherwise you risk staying the same. You have to love yourself enough to say, "No More!" Let's look at why some people do not take risks. It is often down to fear. Now fear of failure, over-perfection and fear of not being ready we are familiar with. But what is less talked about is fear of success.

With a fear of success it is almost impossible to obtain employment success, so if this is you, you need to start tackling this. You need introspect to discover why. Are you worried about what people will think or say about you. Are you afraid of being perceived as a show off?

We all experience fear at some point. It is a natural emotion, a normal reaction to a stimulus; but we do not have to allow fear to limit us.

In the early part of my 20 years in the IT Industry there was a phrase that IT Geeks were always saying, "Suck and see". If a system was not working or we didn't know how to use it, we would just play around with it and see what happened. 9 times out of 10, whatever we did worked. So my suggestion is that you take that approach with risks. Susan Jeffers says "Feel the fear and do it anyway" and I totally agree.

If you fail, you can just re-strategise and start again. Take the risk and get closer to success.

Good luck!

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