Getting to where you want by believing in yourself, unapologetically

So, you’re missing out because you are afraid to speak out? How is that helping your career/business?

Bottom Line

I’ve been through the mill, but didn’t come out battered, I came out refined. Some of the stories above were things I was saying to myself many years ago, until I boldly climbed out of my comfort zone and started to believe in myself more. I later developed unshakeable belief and started spreading it around.


  • Do you overthink everything you need to do on a project until analysis paralysis stops you from continuing to pursue it?

  • Do you find excuses to put things off because you are really afraid of not being good enough to do them?

  • Perhaps you are highly skilled and highly motivated, and the moment you have the resources to work on that project you’ve always dreamed of, self-doubt and fear kick in and you wonder whether it is something someone like you should be doing in the first place?

  • Maybe you’ve reached the top of your career and you want to do something else that would be more rewarding, but you worry that you might embark on a new career goal and not be as successful.

  • Do you worry about rejection or taking risks?


Worst Case Scenario

Do any of the above feel alarmingly similar to your situation? The hard to digest fact is, if you risk nothing, you could end up staying the same. Singing the same solemn song, year in, year out, nostalgically watching opportunities pass you by. It’s even worse when deep inside, you know that you can do it and every time you hear the Nike phrase, ‘Just Do It’, you want to scream, ‘I will!’, but mutter internally, ‘I want to’ until the words eventually change into, ‘perhaps I shouldn’t’.


You will gain nothing from doing nothing as the old adage states, Garbage In, Garbage Out (G.I.G.O.). If you allow a lack of confidence to stop you, it will. For the future you, choose to become unstoppable!


Helping Other People Evolve (H.O.P.E.)

Hope is not lost, because with the 1 ½ hour ‘Charge Up Your Confidence’ workshop you will:

  • Examine the reasons for low self-esteem and learn how to lessen the effect

  • Identify confident behaviours and traits

  • Learn and practice tips for developing self-confidence

  • Learn how to effectively deal with change




I liked the way in which you demonstrated exactly how my mind can hold me back and how it can also be used to move me forward.

You made some very helpful suggestions and you were very encouraging. You inspired me to aim higher than I had been aiming before, so that I can make my dreams come true!

I would highly recommend your coaching services. You take the time to listen and your advice is solid and actionable. Thanks again!

Sara McGlashan


Teju was amazing and gave us such genuine, helpful advice whilst also building our self esteem pointing out our strengths rather than having us constantly thinking of our weaknesses! We felt extremely comfortable with Teju and can’t wait to have our next session! I would recommend Teju to others 100%!



Teju is a terrific coach, she encourages you to recognise your strengths and skills. I have learnt many useful mindsets, one example is, understanding everything I do and think is important. This is my first experience of being coached, I honestly don't think there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from coaching. Teju coaching method has helped me push down some of those mental walls I’ve put up and helped me see the value in what I bring to the table. I highly recommend her.



Teju is an excellent Coach/Trainer. I have worked with her on a few IT projects. She is personable, extremely knowledgeable, good attention to detail and keeps you captivated by her engaging coaching style. Teju has always encouraged me to recognise my strengths and believe in my abilities which has helped me in my career progression. I would highly recommend Teju as a first class coach.

What's Included?

An interactive confidence workshop held by a coach and training expert with over 15 years training experience in the corporate world, universities, colleges, schools, prisons and mental health institutions.

Your Workshop Facilitator, Teju Chosen

Teju is an award-winning exceptional Career Confidence Coach and a best-selling author. Her

book, ‘How to Get Paid More Than Your Boss’ is available worldwide from Amazon. She oozes

confidence from every pore of her body and as a part-time Non-Executive Director and Charity

Trustee, sits onboards and makes executive decisions.


Her workshops are interactive, practical and transformational. Teju cares and wants to see you

live your best life now.


Tuesday 13th October 2020 at 6.45 pm BST | 1.45 pm ET​


COVID-19 special, cutdown price of £15, £10 for early birds

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