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case studies

Tidy Desk

CLIENT A worked as an IT Help Desk Analyst in New York, supporting over 400

users in a financial institution. He felt he had learned everything there was to

know regarding his role and was at the top of his game. Desperate for a change

without having to leave the IT Industry, Client A took the step to reach out to

Teju. Having dreamed of being a Software Developer and constantly dismissing

the possibility for lack of experience, this was a scary move. However, with questioning

and advice from Teju, he began initiating small database development projects. Although this was not part of his role, his boss saw the benefit to the organisation and agreed for him to work on the projects during quiet periods on the Help Desk.

A few months later, Client A was immediately dismissed from this role for keeping a senior member of staff on hold while he attended to an urgent personal matter. With no questions                     asked, the job was taken away from him. As painful as it was, this is what jump-started his next                           chapter and forced him to take hold of his future.

Having already had some development experience, Client A was able to

secure a hybrid support and development role. With ongoing support from

Teju in the form of coaching, programming training, and code troubleshooting,

he thrived in his new job. He also learned to continuously prepare for and adopt the

skills needed in his next higher position. From this point, Client A quickly escalated from

a support analyst and Database Developer to a JavaScript Developer.

From the last conversation had with Teju, it transpired that Client A became the CEO of his

own fast-growing Software Development firm residing in the financial district of New York.

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