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Are Your Running Away From Your Purpose?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Are You Running Away From Your Purpose?

Full Story

When I look back to the summer 2009, I realise that I was running away from mine. I gained a diploma in Life Coaching and within 3 hours, I decided that I didn’t want to be a coach.

I spoke to a coach I knew that evening and he told me that it would be hard to get clients if you weren’t good at marketing so, I immediately gave up. After that, I heard whispers that most coaches were broke and it was extremely hard to make any money. Later that year, I met another coach who hadn’t worked for two years and I was convinced that I made the right decision.

Fast forward eight years and there I am, in a conference in Kensington, helping out a highly established celebrity coach who I had once interviewed on my Up, Close and Inspirational Radio Show. I had read her books for decades and it was a privilege to support her.

After distributing her ‘Unleash Your Purpose’ worksheet for her audience, I intended to check my emails while the participants carried out the exercise. I decided instead to carry out the exercise (which I thought would never work on me. I remember the relaxing music that gently played in the background and the lights that were dim enough to create an awesome ambience but bright enough to see the handout and write on it.

After completing the handout, I realised that I had tapped into some things that I had previously taken for granted. Things like the fact that I was earning thousands of pounds weekly but a few years back I was almost bankrupt and getting by on a loaf of bread that cost just 24 pence. I had failed to recognise my awesome achievements and the journey from the wilderness to the promise land. I was so excited, and as soon as the floor was open for a few people to share their experience, I jumped at the chance.

I shared my experience, I was a bit shaky, but I was coached through it, in front of everyone in the room. I was asked a lot of leading questions and I was surprised that people were taking notes as I answered. Honestly, I can’t even remember everything I said.

By break time, there was a queue of people waiting by the door to question me, share their experiences and get help. I was surprised.

Everything leading up to this including the fact that as a Consultant, I spent a lot of time doing things that I wasn’t getting paid for if they related to helping people. This included helping to teach reading in schools and facilitating an interview workshop for homeless people. It was my purpose to help and I had been running away from it for many years.

I signed up for a coaching programme with this coach who helped me move out of my comfort zone and put me on the first step of the ladder. That year I set up my coaching business and started finitely defining my offering.

Fast forward three years from that and I am the Career/Business Coach that can help you get paid more, as my book ‘How to Get Paid More Than Your Boss’ suggests. I also help you SUSS; Stop making Excuses, Unblock, Shift Paradigms, to Soar higher.

If you need help discovering your purpose or with any of the above, click for a complimentary coaching discovery call


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