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Time for a change?

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

Now is the time for change, if you are:

* Unsatisfied with your current situation

* Feeling undermined at work or in your personal life

* Running on a treadmill with zero controls

* Sure you should be doing much better

You've probably already heard that if you keep doing the same thing daily, you will continue to obtain the same results. So why are you still where you were five years ago? Basically, the secret to your success is hidden in whatever you are doing daily.

“It's your choice. You can choose to continue in your comfort zone (not so comfortable really) or you can choose to change.”

If you know that for you it's time for a change, then you need to take the plunge. Otherwise you will be singing the same song next year and wondering why you have not progressed. Nevertheless, do not be too hard on yourself and do not for a second believe that you need to do this alone. It's a very good idea to hold yourself accountable to someone. This person could be a friend or family member, mentor or coach. Ask for advice. Write a plan of what you want to change first (and stick to it).

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1 Comment

George Abaraonye
George Abaraonye
Jan 19, 2018

This is so true. Thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to delving into myself with some help.

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