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Successful You!

Helping overwhelmed teachers swap their nightmare job

for their dream occupation

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Take charge of your life by being the pilot of your rewarding career. Will you now choose you?



“I’m in the business of Helping Other People Evolve (H.O.P.E.)”

- Teju Chosen


I would just love for you to live up to your true and full potential!  If you are not where you feel you should be and want more for yourself or your business, then I would like to have a conversation with you to see how I can help. 


Who Am I?

  • Personable, extraordinary, transformational coach with outstanding results

  • Visionary consultant who has pioneered high-level strategies that drive innovation across complex business markets

  • Board member, trustee, change advocate, entrepreneur, intrapreneur and game changer with 20 plus year’s experience

  • The author of the book that can change your life if you allow it to help your self-development and not your shelf development

  • The only award-winning coach you need to have a conversation with today.


I’ve been made redundant, laid off before the job even started, worked zero hours with a mortgage to pay, and have been near bankruptcy twice, but I managed to turn my life around for the better.  I have made profitable change in a list of blue-chip organisations including Investment Banks, and Magic Circle Law Firms that is longer than a supermarket queue during lockdown.

I am the author of the new show stopper, ‘HOW TO GET PAID MORE THAN YOUR BOSS – 7 Strategic Steps to Secure That Dream Job’, currently available on Amazon. This publication will soon be in all good book shops.

The book launch for my Kindle book was on Thursday 17th September 2020 and became an Amazon Top 10 bestseller. The paperback book launch will be announced shortly.

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Foreword by Andy Harrington

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The book you need to read in 2023 to secure your 2024

How I Can

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