Can You Also Write a Book?

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

By Teju Chosen – The Career Satisfaction Coach that can help you get paid MORE

Many first-time authors are popping up from the woodwork and the publishing industry is growing. According to The Guardian, “the UK publishes more books per capita than any other country” and “20 books were published each hour ...”. That is phenomenal!

So, if your mates are doing it, does that mean that you can? Does that mean that you should … and does that mean that you will? Er … No!

After years of writing articles, editing articles, running workshops and obtaining a Writing Masters, my first book, “HOW TO GET PAID MORE THAN YOUR BOSS – 7 Simple Steps to Acquiring That First-Class Dream Job”, is soon to be released and despite the doubt, despair and deliberation, I am trying to encourage others to write their books too. Why? To leave a legacy and share that untold story with the world. To be seen as experts in their field and fulfill that burning desire of achieving yet another challenging, personal goal I guess. But the question remains, should I be doing this? Is everybody capable of being a published writer or is this only for a chosen few (no pun intended)?

Well, the title asks, “Can you also write a book?”. Can you? As a person thinketh, so is she/he. Do you think you can? Of course you do … but, all the optimism in the word may not guarantee that you will ever have your first book in your hand and/or Oprah attending your book launch. It is not going to happen if you do not make it happen. Being positive is one of the steps to accomplishing the goal of writing your book, but it is not the only step. It is not an Island and will not stand alone.

So, you’ve heard about SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timed goals will get you started, but how do you set your SMART goals without a starting point and navigator? With brainstorming, the best will in the world, a positive mental attitude and sheer determination, you are unfortunately only part of the way there. You will need some help; and this can come in the form of a coach/mentor or even embarking on a course. One that gets you to write your book as quickly as possible, leaving no room for self-doubt, self-deprecation or procrastination would be best.

This is why I am using my writing expertise gained over 20 years to join hands with Winsome Duncan, the CEO of Peaches Publications to bring you a very unique book writing workshop in a very prestigious place, also used by the one and only, mentor of mentors, motivational speaker, Les Brown. How would you feel if you could write your book in 24 hours … with follow up support from experts?

Just Write IT Workshop, 2nd June 2018, Millennium Gloucester Hotel

This fabulous event has passed now - congratulations to the new authors of 2018!

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